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Get Your Holiday Treats There Safely

Now that the holidays are here, you'll probably be spending your time off work with friends and family members. The holidays are also a time to enjoy decadent meals and rich desserts. So, if you'll be traveling to a get-together this year, here are some tips for making sure that your food arrives safely.

If you have small casserole dishes or bowls, put the dishes in a large sandwich bag to create a barrier between the dish and the interior of your car. You can also wrap these dishes in a towel so that if there are spills…
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Holiday Travel Tips: Be Prepared

The holiday is closing in, and a majority of people are looking forward to traveling. We have a team that is thrilled to give you safety measures to ensure you get to your destination in time and safe. The roads get busy, and a vast majority of accidents take place during holidays, so stay put by;

Travel during an off-peak time, like say a day or two before the actual holiday. Mostly the roads are not that congested, and you can stay focused on arriving safely with your loved ones. Plan the route you want to use ahead of time…

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Traveling Comfortably With Your Pets

Our pets become so much a part of our lives that bringing them with us when we travel is not that much trouble. Or is it? If you plan carefully, it may not be any trouble at all, but there are a few reminders if you want to make things work out for the best.

The team at Joe Myers Lincoln is always a good idea to take your pet for a short ride before you try for a longer distance, just to familiarize him or her with the process. Some pets can really freak out because it is such…

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We Will Handle Your Service Needs in Houston

Your car is in need of a service, and you are not sure which option in Houston is going to treat that car the best. A dealership can provide you with all of the care that you need, with a greater attention to detail than a third-party mechanic. Our team at Joe Myers Lincoln is here to be the service solution that you trust with your Lincoln vehicle.

  • When you trust us, we will show you all that we know, and we will handle your service needs in the smartest way.
  • Our team is made up of many individuals, and…
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6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween

Halloween is on its way, and children in the greater Houston area will soon be trick-or-treating. With so many youngsters celebrating the holiday alongside traffic, Halloween comes with the increased danger of accidents. All your friends here at Joe Myers Lincoln want your children to enjoy a safe and fun Halloween. Here are some ways you can keep your children safe while enjoying this year's haunted holiday:

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