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What to Know Before Choosing All-Wheel or 4-Wheel Drive

As a driver, you may be confused about choosing between all-wheel or 4-wheel drive because you may not understand their differences. To get a better understanding, visit Joe Myers Lincoln where you will meet our team which has full experience with the models. We will help you understand the distinctions which include:

  • 4-wheel drive is the best option for off-road driving. It has locking distinctions and low-range gearing hence it is more comfortable to drive on a rough terrain.
  • If you want 4-wheel drive, you should go for trucks and SUVs, and if you wish to an all-wheel-drive, you should go for sedans.
  • With all-wheel drive, the power is transferred equally among the four wheels, and it can detect the type of ground before the driver gets there. For instance, it can identify a slippery road and warn the driver.

For a better knowledge of these vehicle models, visit us in Houston, and our hardworking team will help you know what you want.

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