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When Should I Rotate Tires?

Every time you drive, your tires take the full brunt of the road. Potholes, cracks, rocks and other road debris impact the life of your tires. On top of that over or under inflation can significantly affect the tread and wear. With tires being the main contact between your vehicle and the road, it is extremely important to keep them in top efficient shape.

It is essential to routinely inspect tires for any signs of bulging or improper inflation. Also as a helpful rule of thumb, they should get rotated at every oil change. Has it been a long time since your last rotation? Or are you unsure of the standing of your tires? Schedule an appointment with our experienced service professionals at Joe Myers Lincoln in Houston, TX, and within a brief period of time, we could tell you if a new set is needed. We will even install them to get you safely and confidently back on the road.

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