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Get on That Rock Chip Repair!

If you get a rock chip, no matter how big or small it may be, get it taken care of briefly after you notice it. If you don't, then you are only giving it a chance to spread, and once it spreads, there's not much you can then do about it, and you will need to get a brand new windshield. This option may be much more of an expense than just getting the rock chip repaired. Most of the time, a repair for a windshield isn’t that lengthy, and it will save you some of the time and hassles of having to replace your old windshield later on. Rock chips themselves may not be the major issue. It's the cracks that form from them that are a larger cause for concern. But timing is the key in all circumstances. Some insurance companies may even cover the expense of the rock chip repair. Even if they don't, the chip repair is a lot cheaper than having to replace the whole windshield. Don't give that rock chip the chance to grow! Contact us at Joe Myers Lincoln in Houston, TX.

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