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Compact vs Full-Size Spare Tires: What to Buy

Drivers depend on spare tires in a pinch. Have you ever been stuck on the side of the road and felt relief finding your spare tire in the back? You can easily get back on the road and head to the shop if you have one. However, what if you had a full-size spare tire? You may not have to go to the shop at all.

Compact spare tires are temporary. These smaller tires are cheaper and last for about 50 miles before going flat or needing significant repair. Furthermore, it's not a good idea to drive for long periods of time on a smaller tire as it disrupts the load of your vehicle and can cause issues.

Full-size spare tires are popular now as you can typically buy them with your original set of tires. You can replace a tire with a full-size and feel confident about setting back out on the road. Want to get a special rate on a spare tire? Head to the Lincoln parts shop at Joe Myers Lincoln in Houston for more information.

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