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How Does the 911 Assist Work with SYNC 3?

911 Assist on SYNC 3

Being in a traffic accident is a scary experience, but it can get even worse if you aren't able to call for help right away. Fortunately, Ford has a solution for that in the form of 911 Assist. 911 Assist works with SYNC 3 to contact emergency services when you are in a car accident while also providing crucial information such as the type of collision you were in and whether any airbags were deployed.

911 Assist should be activated by default if you've bought a Ford vehicle with SYNC 3 installed, but you can still configure it to suit your needs. To start, you first need to start your vehicle's engine and pair your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone with SYNC 3. Once you do that, you should be able to access 911 Assist through SYNC 3's Settings menu screen. Touch the 911 Assist icon, and slide the button to on. If you don't have 911 Assist active, you should see an icon on SYNC 3's home screen indicating that the app is currently turned off.

Emergency Contacts

One of the most useful features of 911 Assist that you can access through SYNC 3 is the ability to set two emergency contacts from your smartphone. You will have to download your contacts onto SYNC 3 from your phone, but once you do you can select two people you trust to contact in an emergency. 911 Assist will contact one of these people if you are in an accident after it calls 911.

For more information about SYNC 3, 911 Assist, or how you can have these features installed in your vehicle, contact your local Ford dealership today!

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