What is the Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive in the Lincoln MKT?

Lincoln offers an Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive in its Lincoln MKT Reserve trim. The model uses the drive as an adaptive control system to keep all the wheels on the road all the time. A system that detects wheel slippage as it begins to happen counters that slippage through adjustments to the suspension and torque delivery.

The Lincoln MKT Reserve trim uses a series of sensors to detect any wheel slippage. Sensors send data to the computer about frame lift, wheel rotation, and shock absorber/strut angles. 

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Does the Lincoln Continental Have an Infotainment System?

Infotainment systems are the new method to keep in contact with the essential parts of your vehicle, each other, and to find signals that are otherwise elusive. Lincoln has upgraded the infotainment system in their 2018 Continental models to the SYNC 3 level, providing more technological connections at a faster speed.

The SYNC 3 infotainment system Lincoln uses in the Continental is a voice-activated unit that connects your smartphones to carriers, finds radio stations, and displays your preference of vehicle performance indicators. Do you want to know your current fuel mileage? 

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Elegance Meets Performance – The 2018 Lincoln MKZ

People in Houston value performance and practicality in their vehicles. There’s also something to be said for comfort, sleek looks and elegance on the road. Lincoln has long been celebrated for their ability to balance these concepts at a reasonable price.

The Lincoln MKZ is the latest offering from their engineers that strives to epitomize this philosophy with its attractive build and comfortable, luxurious interior. But these would be for naught without the excellent performance engineering put into this car. 

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How Are Hotel Guest Gaining Access to Lincoln Navigators and Continentals?

How Are Hotel Guest Gaining Access to Lincoln Navigators and Continentals?

Lincoln Partners With Hotels

In order to gain access, you must stay at a hotel that Lincoln has partnered with, one of 8 hotels under the SBE property. More on that in a minute. Let's first share the fact that we're amazed at how makers like Lincoln are branching out into other industries and making their vehicles available to more people than ever before.

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The New Lincoln MKC Could Be The Luxury Vehicle For You

For many, the time may come when you want a bit more sophistication and luxury in your next vehicle. This should be a vehicle that has been designed and crafted with attention paid to its features and performance. The new Lincoln MKC is a luxury crossover that hopes to fit this role and be the choice for drivers.

When you think of a luxury vehicle the new MKC should come to mind. The vehicle was built to elicit a premium driving experience. To aid in this, the Lincoln MKC includes a Panoramic Vista Roof that gives first and second-row passengers…

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The Importance Of Owning A Dash Cam

If you have never considered the need for a dashboard camera, it may be time to give it some consideration. They are extremely easy to set up and nearly zero work to operate, and they could help save you thousands of dollars and other problems.

New dash cams are designed to be simple to install and even simpler to operate. They usually record to an SD Card and the footage can be easily downloaded to your smartphone or computer. In the event of a car accident, even one that you may be at fault, it can help greatly reduce your…

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How to Choose Between Getting All-Weather Floor Mats vs. Carpet

In order to decide between the rubber and carpet floor mats, the Joe Myers Lincoln auto parts and service team has created a list of the benefits of both to aid in your buying decision.

Select the rubber all-weather car mats when you are constantly hauling around cargo that is dirty. Whether this is work-related or the kids and dog drag in mud from the ground, you want the rubber mats because they can be cleaned using your hose and they will look as good as new once they dry. 

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Compact vs Full-Size Spare Tires: What to Buy

Drivers depend on spare tires in a pinch. Have you ever been stuck on the side of the road and felt relief finding your spare tire in the back? You can easily get back on the road and head to the shop if you have one. However, what if you had a full-size spare tire? You may not have to go to the shop at all.

Compact spare tires are temporary. These smaller tires are cheaper and last for about 50 miles before going flat or needing significant repair. Furthermore, it's not a good idea to drive for long…

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Lincoln Introduces the All-New Aviator

2019 Lincoln Aviator

Lincoln has recently made headlines for introducing the all-new Aviator, which is the first of many car models that the automaker plans to manufacture. The Aviator is considered to be a breakout crossover model that was first introduced at the New York Auto Show and will arrive on the market in 2019. The three-row crossover combines both elegance and durability to create a functional vehicle that is competitive with its rivals.

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